Lunch Kaki is a social networking app designed to help ordinary folks get out there and socialise with like-minded people during lunch.

Social Networking Expand Social Circle? Increase your network of friends by sharing ideas and knowledge. Sometimes a simple lunch can lead to endless opportunities.

Interest Care to share? Exchange insights with people who have the same interests, hobbies or beliefs as you!

Fun Why lunch alone? Lunch doesn't have to be boring! Meet new friends and create fostering bonds through food!

  • Search for Lunch Kakis.
  • Group Eats.
  • Last Minute Eats.
  • Random Eats.
  • Send up to 10 lunch requests a day.
  • Send up to 10 perkies a day.
  • 10 searches by keywords via per day
  • Double your lunch requests to 20 a day.
  • The ability to specify your preferred location to search for lunch kaki users via google map
  • Send up to 20 perkies a day.
  • Unlimited searches by keywords via per day
Upgrade to a Premium user at just USD$6.99 (or in your local currency equivalent)
Search Lunch Kakis

Searching for your Lunch Kakis is simple.

Just indicate your gender and age range preferences.

You can use the industry and interests filters to search for like minded peeps.

Send a Lunch Request

Choose a user and simply click on his or her profile to send a request!

Group Eats

Create a "Group Eats" and make your meals ever more interesting with up to 5 fellow lunch kakis. Simply indicate the venue/information, number of members, date and time.

Last Min Eats

Turn on "Last Min Eats" to see fellow Lunch Kakis who are available for meals within the next 10 min period. Similarly, you will be searchable for the next 10mins by others. Bid adios to lonely meals!

Send a Perkie

Spread some sunshine! Be an angel today and give fellow Lunch Kaki users some powerups according to their profile status. Choose from a variety of perkies - burger, coffee and cake to brighten up someone's day. We all need some perkies to keep us going, don't we?

Random Eats

An unique and interesting way to find a Lunch Kaki where a random game of fate is at play. Use Random Eats to schedule your meals ahead and a chat box will appear if the corresponding date, time and gender matches!

Lunch Kaki of the Month

Stay tune for Lunch Kaki of the Month where users can have lunch with featured Lunch Kakis, individuals who are passionate and successful in what they do or simply possess an irresistable personality for you to make friends with!

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